Here is just a sampling of the many success stories that Jewel has accumulated over her career.

Marriage & Family Counseling


“David” came to me after his divorce. He had been married for 15 years, most of them unhappy, and was feeling freer and better after his divorce. The problem he came to me with was his relationship with his two boys. His relationship with his sons had become difficult after the divorce. They had become cold to him, and he couldn’t understand why. He still supported them and was an active part of their lives; from his point of view he was doing everything right. He felt that they should understand that he had a right to be happy. He expected his kids to “get” him. What he wasn’t seeing was that from their perspective he had ruined their lives. During our sessions he was able to see things from their perspective, and understand that even though it hadn’t been malicious, he had created a lot of chaos and hurt for them. Once he understood this, he apologized to his kids — without any excuses or justifications — and the relationship changed overnight. He was able to change a difficult relationship into an intimate relationship.


“Joe” was a happily married, successful man in his 50s. He explained that his wife was upset about something he felt was silly. What was the problem? Joe had a younger, single, female friend who had become very dependent on him. She had a child, who he had also become close to. Whenever she needed advice or help around the house, she called him. Now, he wasn’t having an affair. Nothing immoral was going on. So he couldn’t understand why his wife was upset — it was all totally innocent! Besides, this friend needed him, plus there was a child involved; if he didn’t help who was going to? But his wife just wouldn’t accept this and they had been fighting about it. In a single session, he came to realize how hurtful this relationship was for his wife. He understood that his primary responsibility was to her and extricated himself from this confused situation. By seeing things from his wife’s perspective, he was able to honor his wife’s feelings without feeling resentful.


“Miriam” came in and told me about her wonderful boyfriend. She wanted to get married, but she came from a divorced family and was totally afraid of a failed relationship. She felt she had no role models for a successful marriage, and she had no confidence in her own abilities to make a go of things. We spoke about what was and wasn’t important in a way that was real for her. After a few sessions, she felt like she had enough of an understanding of what she needed to focus on in their relationship. She and her now-husband have been happily married for five years.

Life Coaching


“Sarah” came to me. She was in her 50s, and it seemed she spent her entire life taking care of everyone else. Instead of feeling fulfilled by this, she felt that she totally lost herself and was just going through the motions. Instead of feeling good about what she was giving she felt resentful. We worked together to help her get in touch with her experience of her own self-worth — her own innate value. The more she was able to experience her self-worth, the more she was able to make choices that worked for her. She even learned to say no. As we said, “Sometimes saying no to someone else is saying yes to yourself.” As a result, she was able to make necessary changes, and now feels Sarah is living her own life rather than compulsively doing what she felt she was “supposed” to do.


“Aaron” came to me after witnessing a horrific car accident in which a young couple had died, leaving several children. He was left questioning his faith. He was unable to express his true feelings because he felt he had to say and do the “right” things, as he was a leader in his religious community. In a safe environment, he was able to feel and express all the frightening emotions and reactions to the accident. As a natural consequence of experiencing what he had been repressing, Aaron was able to make peace with G-d and with himself.


“Ben” was struggling without success to get his business off the ground. With guidance, he came to see that he was paralyzed by long-held negative beliefs that he did not even know he had. We worked together to help him replace his negative beliefs with empowering ones, and get him in touch with his own confidence and power. As a result of our work he improved all areas of his life — business included!

Public Speaking Coaching


Fear of public speaking can get in the way of more than a speech. “Rebecca” was a big philanthropist.  She was always turning down honors and awards because she was terrified of making the acceptance speech. One day she received an award she really could not turn down. She contacted me and we worked together in the location where she would be giving the speech. We wrote the speech together and worked on her anxiety and the presentation itself. She called me afterwards and said, “I was great! I was really really great!”


Not everyone who wants help with their public speaking is starting from scratch. “Richard” was a young lawyer. He had entered a public speaking contest, and he wanted help polishing his speaking to be the best it could be. We worked together to streamline his talk so that everything he said was clear and relevant. We also made sure it was entertaining. He called me after his competition to let me know that he had won second prize.


I met a professional speaker, “Michael,” who asked me for a referral. I said I would have to hear him speak first. While he clearly had a good grasp of his subjects, I immediately noticed that his delivery could be improved. We worked together for a few sessions on his delivery and style. A few weeks later I got a call from him, happily telling me how after his last speech people had come up to him, unsolicited, to tell him how much better his last presentation had been.


What are community leaders saying about Jewel?

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

“Whether in her counseling or coaching people in public speaking she has a unique ability to make people feel safe and helps them to bring out their best.”

Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn

“I think that all who receive her advice would welcome it and be most appreciative.”

Rabbi Mordechai Becher

“She is very effective in helping a wide variety of clients using a professional but sympathetic approach.”

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

“It is a pleasure to highly recommend Jewel for her standards of excellence in her field.”

“I took this workshop with Jewel and it was great!

After putting us all at ease, and insuring a safe environment with complete confidentiality and mutual respect between attendees, Jewel asked us to work on something that we had been struggling with and provided exercises to improve in that area.

I really appreciated how she asked us to set tiny goals that were actually possible to accomplish!
I was able to take these new behaviors and implement them into my life.  I felt a sense of accomplishment and success and continue to incorporate them daily as I move towards my goal.

I recommend working with Jewel for anyone who wants to improve on any aspect of their life!”

– Elisa Weiss


“Dear Jewel,

I am sending you this note in appreciation for the skillful coaching you have provided.  You have helped my seminars become more engaging, fun and most of all better understood by the participants.
I have received more than one unsolicited compliment from colleagues regarding recent seminars, indicating that you help me attain a new level.
Thank you.”

– Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R, and columnist for the Jewish Press.


“I was in an unhealthy relationship that was spanning six years. I started talking to Mrs. Safren about it because I was clearly distraught in my present and exceedingly anxious about my future with my then boyfriend. I had talked about it with mentors, friends, and family but my anxiety about my relationship never felt resolved. Mrs. Safren was the only person I talked to that told me how it was straight out. She told me what I knew inside but refused to admit.  Mrs. Safren expressed that I needed to “vote for me” and get back out there while “the popcorn is still popping.” Those seemingly insignificant phrases are what stuck with me and made me realize that I did have to choose me for once. Breaking up with my boyfriend had to be done for my own happiness. I can honestly say that Mrs. Safren saved me from giving months, or even years worth of myself and my time to someone undeserving of it. And for that, I am forever grateful for her help, wisdom and, care.”

-Penina B.

“Jewel is an amazingly perceptive, insightful, and warm person. She helps you help yourself, but  is right there guiding you gently. She offers a different perspective than those you may have thought of yourself, a different way of thinking, so that suddenly you can see your issue in a much more helpful and clarifying way.

She points out strengths and positive qualities that you might not even have been aware you had, in an affirming and strengthening way. She can also see areas that you need to work on and encourages that growth in a non-judgemental way. She makes you a better person.

I always feel better after talking to her.”

– Jimmi Roberts

“My speech went splendid, really terrific! I got a lot of compliments and I wasn’t nervous.  I want to thank you so very very much!”

– I.D.

“I loved your last workshop. If you do another I would run up do it!”

– P.H.

“Jewel is an insightful caring person with amazing leadership skills.”

– A.R.

“This workshop was an uplifting spiritual and enlightening experience.”

– K.A.

“Jewel Safren has provided me with her professional therapeutic services numerous times with respect to grief counselling. Each session, I have found to be extremely beneficial. Jewel is professional, compassionate and empathetic. She also grooms the sessions to my particular needs. Since those sessions, I have experienced much relief and I am very grateful as well as impressed with the results. I highly recommend her services which can apply to all forms of counselling. Should anyone wish to speak to me personally concerning Jewel’s work, please feel free to contact me at 973-901-2266.”

– Rebbetzin Devorah Klar, Chabad Shlucha of Essex County


“Jewel is a uniquely caring and helpful person. Deeply empathetic, she seems to understand the core of a person after a brief conversation. And she doesn’t just understand — she knows how to guide you, in a loving way, into making changes. These changes may be subtle, but they help you shake off all the layers of baggage and emerge as that better version of yourself you hadn’t realized was waiting underneath. She cuts right through the excuses and the explanations we put up around our issues, but she does it in such an accepting, loving way that you not only see your issues for what they are, you feel like they aren’t as bad as you were making them out to be. Working with Jewel is like reconnecting to an old friend — you laugh, you cry, and you leave feeling renewed.”

– Ella Graham


“Jewel, you are very sincere and it was a good experience to be around someone that understands life.”

– R. W.


“How does an all day workshop of seven full hours go SO FAST? Well, if Jewel Safren is leading it, the time evaporates quickly. I have been in several milieu groups such as this but this was warm, inviting, professional and very interactive. Kudos to Jewel for a job very well done!”

– Stephanie Becker, RN


“I can finally focus on myself.  Thank you for your insight!”


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