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Connecting to Your Source

By Jewel Safren, LCSW In my last article I spoke about the importance of having a deep, visceral understanding that you have inherent value. You are part of the Divine intelligence—always connected to the Source—no matter what you have done (or imagined you have done). Nothing changes this; it goes to a way deeper place [...]

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You Deserve Better

By Jewel Safren, LCSW It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s talking about New Year’s resolutions. This is the year we all get in shape, stick to a diet, become successful and organized and perfect, right? Right; except for the one teeny problem—it’s impossible. Okay, maybe not impossible. Maybe everything comes easily to you. (If [...]

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Happiness Is Only Available Right Now

By Jewel Safren, LCSW Listen to this. We all think that something will make us happy. If we just get somewhere, or have something or achieve some goal, then we will have found happiness. But haven’t we all heard movie stars say, “I thought fame and money would bring me happiness—but it doesn’t.” Even Oprah [...]

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The Simplest Way to Improve Your Relationship

By Jewel Safren, LCSW If you have read my articles, you may remember that I am a big fan of Innate Health. Innate Health explains how we are all living in the feeling of our thinking. This understanding can have an impact on every area of our lives. Innate Health shows us that one of [...]

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The End of Self-Help Books…From a Former Self-Help Junkie

By Jewel Safren, LCSW As someone who has been an enlightenment junkie since the age of 16 (I’m 63 now, so that’s a lot of years), I feel I can speak with some authority on what psychological or spiritual techniques have a great deal of value. On what really helps. When you look through the [...]

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How I Found Happiness Cleaning the Toilet

By Jewel Safren, LCSW My dad, God bless him, is almost 97. He plays golf several times a week; as a matter of fact, he’s the club champ. He is a dentist, and at 80 years old he expanded his practice. He’s a powerhouse, and most of the time has more energy than me. Most [...]

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You Don’t Have to Do More, Be More, or Get More

By Jewel Safren, LCSW I would like to tell you about a different way of looking at the human experience. “Innate Health” offers a different view of how we experience life, and I have found it to be a very powerful one. The Twerski Wellness Institute is working on bringing this different understanding to the [...]

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Stress Doesn’t Come From Where You Think it Does

Jewel Safren Everyone complains about stress. It seems to be the “monster” that is ruining our lives. We stress about money, time, family, health, world affairs, etc., etc., etc…. We try different ways of dealing with it, like a) avoiding it (I am not going to visit your family, they drive me crazy); b) managing [...]

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Chabad Presents ‘De-Stress and Re-Focus’

On July 23 at 8 p.m., Chabad of West Orange invites you to “De-Stress and Re-Focus,” at a program facilitated by West Orange resident Jewel Safren, MSW, LSW, LCSW. Do you often feel no matter how you work, you are always falling behind? Do you feel like the weight of world is on your shoulders? [...]

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