Marriage & Family Counseling

Does it feel like no matter how hard you try you cannot improve things in your closest relationships? Like no matter what you do, nothing changes? Are you just going through the motions?

We all yearn for connection. It is deeply embedded in us to crave a real connection with others. No matter how big your house or paycheck is, if you do not feel a deep connection in your most intimate relationships, you will feel a void. Most of us spend time trying to improve our relationships. But left to our own devices, we usually just end up frustrated, unable to make real changes. Without a different awareness, it is almost impossible to change self-destructive patterns, no matter how hard you try or how good your intentions are.

Blinded by our own habitual thinking, it is almost impossible to find a new way of being without a guide. With a guide, change comes much more easily. I work with people to help them gain insights. From this new perspective, changes naturally result. Together, we will zero in on the issues that are keeping you from having a more satisfying experience of life and a feeling of connection in your relationships. We work together so that you can be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy.

Life Coaching

Do you want to improve your wellbeing, but feel that you get trapped doing the same things over and over again? Have you learned that willpower doesn’t work when you are trying to change?

Most people feel some frustration because they want to move forward in their life, but they cannot get out of their own way. Ever been on a diet that was working great…for two weeks, when it sort of fell away? As you probably already know, willpower will not bring lasting changes. The only way to make real changes is to have a new insight about things. When you have this new understanding, things on the outside will naturally change.

In a compassionate and non-judgmental environment, I help people come to a deeper understanding of themselves. Once they experience their own insight, they feel differently, which results in change.

Public Speaking Coaching

Many people have a secret fantasy about being a good speaker. However, their fears about being humiliated are so overwhelming that they just bury that desire to speak in public. We all know that statistic that public speaking is a bigger fear even than death—which means people are more afraid of giving the eulogy than being in the coffin.

I work with my clients so that they can naturally be at their best. It’s not about saying the perfect words; it’s about being able to be yourself when you’re talking, without being bombarded and paralyzed by all your inner fears. Through a variety of techniques, their natural charisma, which is already there, is then able to shine through. We work together to remove what is blocking it so that they can express themselves and really be seen. 

After working together, clients have had unsolicited compliments on how much their public speaking has improved. Clients have seen marked progress, whether it was their first experience in public speaking or they were already veteran public speakers. Whether having this skill in your profession is important or you just want to make an occasional speech, I can help you achieve your goal in a totally safe environment. Your work in this area will also improve your confidence in other areas of your life.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce is the death of a marriage and the end of one’s plans and dreams. It’s normal to feel grief, loneliness, and fear about paying bills. You wonder if you will ever feel happy again and if someone out there could ever love or desire you again. Worrying about your children is probably the hardest part though. Divorce can make any parent feel like a total failure when it comes to their children. Your children mean more to you than anything else in the whole world! And there’s no way you want to see them suffer or be harmed by the divorce.

Well, what if you could learn a set of tools to help your children not only survive your divorce, but actually thrive through it all? What if you could raise children who feel confident, are happy with themselves, do well in school, have friends, and have healthy relationships…even though their parents are divorced?

I know this can happen because: I have been helping families affected by divorce for the past 35 years; I have trained with the biggest experts in the country on the impact of divorce on children; and I have raised my own healthy, happy, well-adjusted children (now adults) while being divorced myself! I get it and I know what works. Please call me today!

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